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Mahogany Facts

Mahogany makes the most elegant furnitures.
  • Resistant to Rot, Decay, and Infestation.

  • A fine grain hardwood.

  • Harvested from strictly regulated, government managed, permanent forests in Malaysia.

  • 4 lbs. per board foot - Alternative to light weight cast aluminium furniture.

  • Mahogany has been the choice of boat builders and furniture makers around the world for hundreds of years.

  • Seasons/weathers well with minimal shrinkage and checking. See picture at right.

  • In Malaysian government tests, this wood was found to last up to 30 years when stakes of Meranti were driven into the ground.

  • When left untreated it weathers to a soft grey.

  • As a hardwood it holds fasteners well.

  • It is environmentally non-toxic.

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