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International Womens Day Extraordinary Women Doing Ordinary Things - For 95 years, International Women?s Day has been a celebration of ordinary women doing extraordinary things.

Spring Chickens Not Advice for the Older Sexual Couple - Recent behavior researchers report that over 25 million elderly people in the United States are very much still sexually active.

Transnational Community Networks and World Order Part - For Native Americans the whole culture - religious, economic, social, technological and political - is based on the concept of a community of beings, or more correctly a community of Being.

How Did Humans Evolve to Rule the Surface of the Planet - Why is it that mankind succeeded in evolving to rule the planet? We are not the most adapted species for our environment, as there are many other creatures much built much more robust, that are stronger, more agile and perhaps even more likely can.

Online Dating Tips - Thanks to internet, online dating has become so popular all over the world.

Why the Truth is Key in Online Dating Success - If you?ve been doing online dating for a while, but have not found your ?special? someone, it may not be what you?ve written in your profile that?s killing the romance, but rather what you?ve left out.

A Look at Obstacles to Senior Dating Success - When it comes to online dating, most senior singles create obstacles before giving themselves a chance.

Questions Your Pastor Will Hate Part Three - Questions About the Crucifixion.

Our Inner Toolbox - We seem be an anxiety-ridden society at best.

Improve Dating Solve Quizzes - Every one of us who are attempting to date has many queries.

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