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Spring Chickens Not Advice for the Older Sexual Couple

Recent behavior researchers report that over 25 million elderly people in the United States are very much still sexually active. Adult women who now have the reduced stress of not having to raise the children any longer have redirected that enegry into their own expressions of sexual freedom, and oral sex among elderly couples is on and increase, despite the stigma attached to it by their generation.Romance for older couples begins well before they go into the bedroom. These couples are well aware that love and sex make for a happy marriage, and they have been contiuing to court each other since the day they got married with love notes on the coffee tray or special dinners. Young couples could take a cue.

With regard to the physical limitation that occur as a natrual part of the aging process, older guys are less likely to have erections as easily as they did when they were younger. Don't run out for the erectile dysfunction pills just yet. If your wife is willing to be patient while foreplay, you may not need them, and why take more medications than you have to? With older women, your vagina wil lose the elastistiy you had when you were younger and may become dry. Masters and Johnson has products available. Please note that most couples experience this after going a year or more without sex.

If you keep sexually active all of the time-at least two times a week-you might not experience any of these aging symptoms for a long, long time.Along with actual physical symptoms of old age, expectations need to be reconsidered as well. You may not be able to get into all the positions that you were used to, and don't expect each other to do so. If you release the anxiety associated with sex after 60, you will be much more reaxled and able to enjoy each other.

Rearrange some of your schedule and try something new, be able to discuss your sexuality with each other, after all, you've been together forever, and if you've just met, you know that people's abilities change as they get older, so take your time and don't rush into it. Many older couples indicate that petting and foreplay, so much a part of their lives without intercourse as teenagers, is revisited with anticipation to the sure thing after a few dates, so relive your teenage years and experiment with sex, you have earned it, you deserve it, so have fun with it.For more information about lingerie please have a look at this link: Exotic Lingerie | Cheap Trashy Lingerie.


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By: Hannah Johnsen

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