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The Elite Socializing Style for Modern Male Dating Advice for Men - Alpha men realize the importance of ?net working?, especially when you want to go places in life.

The Value of Friendship - True friends are one of the gifts we receive as we go through life.

Quiz Are You Optimistic - Do you see the glass as half full or half empty? Are an optimist or a pessimist? Do you know about your thinking pattern? Because most of us do not know how we think.

Chindia The Decline of the US and Personalisation - Two of the worlds oldest civilisations are coming together to form a mammoth beast to take on the economic world.

Why Pay for Counselling - In Canada we have become accustomed to subsidized health care, which translates to a cultural norm that we run ourselves until we break, then we go to the doctor and get a cure.

Can I Have Your Undivided Attention Please - If we aren't being bombarded from noise coming from the outside, we are probably being violated by the noises we hear coming from within.

Volcano in Peru has Put Out More Pollution this Year than the USA Does in Years Lance Rants - Dear Global Warming Alarmists,.

Masters Of Consciousness - We have been taught to genuinely dislike the words master and power.

Dating Exit Strategies Kind Ways to Say No Thanks - While some people are worried about where to find dating prospects, others are more concerned about how to turn away unwanted prospects.

Universal Principles of Yoga Part - The emphasis, in most Hatha Yoga classes, is on the physical body.

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