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Masters Of Consciousness

We have been taught to genuinely dislike the words master and power. They have come to mean enslavement, judgment, oppression etc. But if everyone became masters of consciousness there would be no oppression, fear, depression, loss or lack.

Every person and creature would live a fantastically fulfilled life, would truly choose exactly everything that she/he wanted and not settle for less, and would not receive any judgment because the judgment wouldn't exist.Imagine if you allowed yourself to do exactly what you wanted to do and only what you wanted to do. If you wanted to be a heavy metal star, you did it to perfection.

If you wanted to be a sports star that you did it with precision. If you wanted to create a special kind of rocket, that you did it within a relatively short time period. To your divine nature everything is a possibility. It is our minds that put a lock and limit on our place in this world.Our limiting belief system that has been ingrained and burned into our consciousness, must be stirred up, dismissed, jammed, or catapulted into deep space and not retrieved.

We have a new set of rules and they begin with every tool that we have at our disposal.Our words, our thoughts, our creative visualizations, our daydreams, our call to action, our inner promptings, a built in joy meter, our access to profound and deep hidden wisdom, focus, discipline, drive and persistence to accomplish, and our knowledge that we are the masters of consciousness.To self-discover who we are, we must exert ourselves, first into a wakened state and then deep within ourselves to determine our purpose in life, and to examine, reevaluate, and question all that we have come to be. If we are not satisfied with what we have found, we must also exert effort to see ourselves in a different manner more suitable to the call upon our lives. We must act upon our new vision with the knowledge of our divine nature and that we can accomplish impossible things if we don't accept fear, dismissal, or less-than judgments from others or ourselves.

.Yoga Kat--aka Katheryn Hoban is a yoga teacher with twelve years experience. She teaches children's yoga ages 3-6, and 7-12 and Adults privately in NJ. She is the author the book DAUGHTER BELOVED which will come out next year. She has created a children's affirmation CD (ages 3-6) and an affirmation CD for adults.

Yoga Kat is available for speaking or writing and can be reached at or 201 970-9340.COMING SOON http://www.

By: Katheryn Hoban

Mahogany Wood

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