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Volcano in Peru has Put Out More Pollution this Year than the USA Does in Years Lance Rants

Dear Global Warming Alarmists,.Well you have been telling us how the pollution caused by mankind is tipping the scales on global warming. You have pointed to the greenhouse gases in our atmosphere as the culprit. Yet it seems that you deny the volcanic activity all around. For instance the Peruvian Volcano at Ubinas has been erupting now for three weeks and has put out more pollution this year than the United States of America does in 10-years; including all automobiles, industry and energy sectors combined.

So may I ask a question; If Global Warming; by definition means that it is caused by man is happening, then what about all these volcanoes going on right now. Climate Change by definition is simply saying that the climate is changing, which is a rather silly statement in that the climate is always changing in its normal ebb and flow.The pollution is so bad in Peru from this volcano that the The Peruvian government declared a state of emergency.

Llamas are dying and people are evacuating over 500 miles away. For the Global Warming Alarmists to suggest that the 1-2 degree average increase in Planet wide temperatures over the last 50-years is caused by mankind or that human activity is such a huge part of it, is absurd.Additionally if the Global Warming Alarmists believe this why are they attacking the US instead of China for the pollution output? Silly politics of the environment; the environmentalists are always screwing things up; like these gasoline prices and lack of refining capacity, caused from not building more refineries, due to the blocking of new projects by the environmentalists?.

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By: Lance Winslow

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