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Live to Secrets of Thinking Young - Look through the birthday cards at any card shop and you will see a lot of jokes about age.

World Religions and the Culture Clash - Will the World ever get along with all these different viewpoints and all this animosity? Or is it simply no use and the world of Western and Middle Eastern can never be one.

Strike the Perfect Balance with Chi Dating Advice for Men - It is an accepted fact that many social principles and philosophies of the East have benefited the world and continue to do so.

Oh Woe to Those of the World - I recently attended a seminar for information that I could very easily have gotten for free, but this was a trap that made it sound that if you bought into it, you would be certain to make large amounts of money in no time.

Psychology of Clothing - A woman is walking along the street, her attire catches everybody?s eyes: she is clothed in the latest fashion.

Send Online Greeting Cards Today - Looking for a way to connect with a family member of friend who is far away? Is there a co-worker that needs a little encouragement today? Are you looking for a way to connect with people on your lunch break without having to leave your office? Consi.

World Water Day nd March - Do you think there is enough water for sustaining life on earth? And for ever? What do you feel when you hear, ?Water, water everywhere and not a drop to drink?? We pray, this should not happen.

World Bank Moving Into Iraq - The World Bank is setting up shop in Iraq and now the anti-everything crowd is calling foul? They are the anti-establishment, anti-US, anti-Bush Administration, anti-gobalist and anti-corporation crowd.

Indigenous Peoples of Indonesia Can They Really Sense Future Earthquakes - It is interesting that the World came together to build a huge Tsunami relay warning system and yet the Indigenous Peoples of Indonesia knew of the Sumatra Quake and the Indonesia Tsunami the night before and had already left their village by the.

China Battles Severe Sand Storms - As China battles sandstorms in their Northern regions, the United States of America prepares with FEMA to battle a different type of storm in the 2006 Atlantic Tropical Hurricane season and pours over the long list of names to be used throughout t.

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