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World Bank Moving Into Iraq

The World Bank is setting up shop in Iraq and now the anti-everything crowd is calling foul? They are the anti-establishment, anti-US, anti-Bush Administration, anti-gobalist and anti-corporation crowd. They say that now that the US Military has taken everything from Iraq using force now the World Bank will take the rest using paper. They claim no WMD was found, Saddam ran the country better then than now and that the United States took out another innocent country.

Actually I completely disagree with all these conspiracy theories. All civilizations need a strong currency and single unit of trade without it, things never run smoothly. The World Bank is needed, this in not only about oil, Saddam did have WMD probably got out by Russians and French Foreign Legion into Syria, current problems are in part due to insurgency from Iran and left over Saddam'ees.These religious sects never did love each other like Arab bros.

I think we should not read so much negative into the situation and the World Bank is definitely needed there now. I applaud that. Banks in history have funded both sides of wars and all nations need stability of money flow and currency. But, lets not blame the World Bank for Iraq issues, that is pushing it. Saddam was not a nice gentleman, remember Kuwait, the Kurds? His sons? The missiles sent into Israel SCUDS.

What I mean is lets not be so linear and the Bush Hate speech is getting old, besides y'all need to worry about this Hurricane Season as Elliot Spitzer chases away insurance companies and 17 feet above sea level in NYC and Long Island is not pretty with only one way out either, yes I am taking to the NYC liberal supporters of the anti-everything movement. Stand for nothing complain about everything, that is who I am addressing. What say you? Lets debate, anytime, anyplace.

Consider this in 2006.

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By: Lance Winslow

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