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Charlie Sheen Says ReOpen the Wound of for Another Investigation

Recently Charlie Sheen demanded that we re-open the investigation over 9-11 and pour more salt on the wound to investigate some rather bizarre conspiracy theories now floating around out there. One group calls themselves the Scholars for the Truth about 9-11 and they have gone on TV and talk radio causing quite a stir indeed.Some Democrats say that the 9-11 commission was too biased and others say to that; "Well wasn't your Democratic Lieberman a panel member? It was bi-partisan. So you are saying this is a conspiracy beyond all conspiracies then?".It appears that we are beating a dead horse here and some one is looking to use innuendo to put doubt on politicians for political gain.

We have too many people running around calling too many leaders traitors or "unfit" to lead in order to serve another purpose. Such talk means we need proof before opening up yet another investigation into 9-11.Charlie Sheen is not proof, he is biased as all get out.

He has proved that. So, if we are going to have this conversation and the 911 families feel it necessary then we need to do so without the political rhetoric, and that means no more mention of the Hollywood Movie star who says he hates bush at least five times a week in public to friends in coffee shops. We must all consider this in 2006.

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