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Wildlife Loss

So much of our flora and fauna in the UK is in decline, some suffering serious loss. This has not happened all at once, but over the last fifty years.The countryside is sadly very much reduced in common variety than it was back in the middle of the last century. It is no surprise really as it is mainly due to our collective lifestyle and desire for cheaper and cheaper food.

This has led to larger crop fields, meaning destruction of hedgerows, and use of more effective pesticides. This in turn has led to less insect life, less caterpillars for birds to feed their young. Therefore a reduction in attractive moths and butterflies and of course an absence of birdlife. Less marginal field land has been left for wild grasses and plants, and little left to thrive amongst the corn. We have upset the natural balance.

Our common "need" to get everywhere faster and to hurry the merchandise by road across country to reduce costs, has led to motorway construction and much road widening. This in turn has meant the destruction of natural habitats and more vital hedgerows.More bad news in general for wildlife has been the planting of pine tree forests, more especially in Wales and Scotland. Only specialised fauna can thrive in the environment of this dark forest blanket. It is also much too dark and severe for plant life.The good news is that these facts have now been recognized.

There are moves, in some areas to replace the evergreens with native broad-leaved trees. Although these trees will take alot of time to re-establish themselves and form an ecosystem, they are much more wildlife friendly, being more natural. They are also much more interesting to the visitor or to the eye of the more distant observer.


By: David Robinson

Mahogany Wood

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Wildlife Loss - So much of our flora and fauna in the UK is in decline, some suffering serious loss.

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