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What Hypnosis can do to make your Sex Life more Exciting

After you have induced a state of hypnotic self-relaxation concentrate on your specific sexual problem, assuming you have one. Ask yourself a series of questions. In answering them during your self-analysis stage of auto-hypnosis, try to develop some understanding of your particular sexual maladjustment. You will surprise yourself as to how much self-insight you can gain in this way, which will enable you to find solution to your problem.When a psychiatrists succeeds in getting his patient to develop insight into his own problem (referred to as "insight therapy) he has practically achieved half the cure. For example, if you are aware of having a faulty attitude about sex because of some negative beliefs or habits, tell yourself that you can and will develop a more positive attitude.

If you are living in the past, tormenting yourself with guilt feelings because of some past sexual wrongdoing, accept the self hypnotic suggestion that you are going to close the door to the past, forgive yourself and devote your efforts toward making a better future sexual adjustments.Some of the questions to ask yourself:.Do I have guilt feelings about past sexual experience, which is interfering with my ability to enjoy sexual relationship with my wife or husband?
Is sexual disharmony the root cause of my marital unhappiness?
As a wife I am I assuming my sexual responsibility as a woman by not frustrating the sexual ego of my husband?
As a husband do I give my wife the love and tenderness she needs to make her more responsive sexually?
What can I do to bring about an improvement in my sexual relationship with my husband or wife
Am I willing to consult a specialist for the remedy of a sexual problem particularly when all efforts at self-help have failed?.Here are the 10 positive suggestions, men and women, which I recommend that you repeat to yourself again ?again ?and again. The repetition of an idea or thought conditions you to the successful acceptance and application of what you need and to believe.

You will be rewarded with sex happiness - essential to good physical and emotional health.Positive Suggestions For Women:.1.

I'm always enjoying my sexual life and having complete sexual fulfillment with my husband.
2. I'm making my love relationship a reciprocal one, realizing that the mutual giving of love is the secret of sex harmony.

I'm convinced that a happy sexual life is essential for a happy married life
4. I'm always making my husband a sexually satisfied person
5. I'm reminding myself that four-fifths of all divorces are caused by sexual incompatibility. With my happy love life, I'm convinced my marriage will last forever.Positive Suggestions for Men:.

1. I'm convinced that attitude is all-important to understanding and correcting my sexual problem.

I'm developing positive attitude and feelings. And the more sex I have the more I enjoy it.
3. I'm becoming more and more sexually literate by reading a authoritative manuals, improve my lovemaking technique and increase my capacity for sex satisfaction
4. I'm always positively discussing sexual matters with my wife.

I'm intelligent enough to seek competent professional help If I suffer from some deep-seated sexual problem, which I cannot resolve myself,.Remind yourself that you are a better lover than you think you are. Don't be obsessed with the idea that you don't have the ability to love.

Learn to experience the emotion of love within yourself. You will soon discover that you will want to and can love someone else. Self love (the normal type) should precede man woman love.

.Pradeep Agarwal is a renowned Hypnosis & NLP guru with career spanning two and half decades He is also a much sought after speaker and peak performance consultant for organizations and sport teams. Visit Hypnosis Global for free 6 part mini course to learn Self Hypnosis and Personal Transformation.

By: Pradeep Agarwal

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What Hypnosis can do to make your Sex Life more Exciting - After you have induced a state of hypnotic self-relaxation concentrate on your specific sexual problem, assuming you have one.

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