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Dating Tip Effective Ways to Impress Your Date

Struggling for ideas on how to impress your date? In this dating tip guide, I have outlined 5 effective ways to set your lady's heart pumping into overdrive.

1. Make her feel special

If you can make her feel like a queen for a day, then half the job is done. Women somehow find it really irresistible, and will even be turned-on if she is being made to feel special.

Show her that you value her company by telling her so over a nice romantic candle-light dinner. Pull out the chair for her. Open the door for her. Bark at the waiter if he is rude to her. These are little things that will make her think that you really cared about her.

2. Focus your attention solely on her

When going out with your date, make sure that you focus all of your attention on her. Yes, all of your attention, 100%.

Never let your eyes wander about. You may find it hard not to steal a glance at that hot and sexy chick in the micro-mini walking past you. But please, for the sake of your date, don't look at that hot chick. Continue to focus totally on your date. You wouldn't want to be caught in a situation where she is talking to you, and yet your eyeballs are looking at something more interesting.

And when you are sitting down with her at dinner, make sure that you maintain eye contact with her, especially when she is talking. When she talks, you listen, occasionally nodding to show your approval. Make her feel as if she matters most to you than all the women out there.

3. Refrain from talking about your past relationships

You may have some very happy memories from your past relationships, or you may have screwed up some of them big time. Whatever it is, your date will not be interested in all of them.

Sure, talking about your past relationships can bring back fond memories, but you can bet your last dollar that she will lose interest totally. Why? Because you are telling her that you can't let go of the past to step into the present. Which would mean that if she continues to be with you, she will be taking a step back instead of moving forward. Then soon you will realize that your story telling is turning her off.

So always be willing to let go, and move on. Learn to live and let live.

4. Be sincere and genuine

Sincerity is the way to go. Your date will feel more comfortable if you can show her that you are really sincere about developing a relationship with her. In order to show your sincerity, you must first be your genuine self.

Just be your natural best, and take it from there. Besides making her feel comfortable with you, your sincerity will also take a lot of pressure off her in order to impress you.


Keep your eyes wide open and be observant.

When you are with your date, keep your eyes wide open, and observe her every step. OK, maybe not her every walking step, but at the very least, take note of the things that she likes.

Her favorite color, her favorite chocolate, her favorite flower, her favorite dish. And to add an element of surprise, buy her the dress that she had badly wanted. She will most certainly be so impressed by your ability to pay attention to details that she will literally melt under your spell.

If you can follow these 5 effective steps to the letter, you will surely find a way into your lady's heart in no time.

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Wyatt Lee has a passion for writing, and has written on various topics, espacially dating and relationships.

He has a blog at where he showcases all his writings on useful dating tips. Feel free to re-publish this article.

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By: Wyatt Lee

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