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Debating the Value of Corporations with an AntiGlobalist

We often here of anti-US, anti-World Bank, anti-Corporation and anti-Globalists attacking the system and calling foul. Claiming that there are a few out raping the world for excessive profits. But as we read in Ayn Rand the capitalist entrepreneur actually is the one holding the civilization up and without them much of what we see would not and could not exist. Recently in an online think tank an anti-Globalist guest came up with a hypothesis and stated;."You rise to the defense of the barons of industry and cite all the good done for the US, but would you rally to the defense of a Bill gates and Microsoft if it found out he built his empire by selling crack cocaine to children in third World Nations?".

He didn't so it is irrelevant; I applaud Bill Gates and Melinda for their many gifts to the World and Microsoft too for helping humans be more efficient using computers. The barons of industry as you call them are what make it all possible; that is to say deliver to you what you want, and when you want it. You then trade your unit of trade called a dollar for that. Everyone wins, someone has a job and Plato was right the Republic is all the stronger for it. Yes I am in favor definitely. And I know Melinda and Bill Gates to be fine citizens.

They are doing many great things for the world and I applaud their efforts indeed. We should all be indebted to their service to the common good. Consider all this in 2006.


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By: Lance Winslow

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