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Did Russia Give Secret Battle Plans to Saddam Before the Iraq War

Now the United States has learned that Russia may have given out secret US war plans to Saddam prior to our attack? Of course Russia vehemently denies it. Well they can deny all they want. The night our Stealths went in they were more than ready for us.

Luckily our technology was so far superior that they did not have a chance.It is too bad for the Iraqi people that they were ready for us. As when they put all that munitions in the air, it had to land somewhere and most of their casualties civilian during those first couple of nights were from friendly fire of their own, they shot at what they could not see and it landed outside the outskirts of town and killed innocent people. All our smart bombs fell on their targets, thru the windows, etc.

Russia, may have done a disservice to the Iraqi people and allowed Saddam to get rid of some WMD into Syria, although that will all come out later if that speculation and reports are confirmed as this story also seems to be breaking. It is a Machiavellian World indeed.The enemy of your friend is your friend and enemy and your friends is an enemy of your enemy and your enemy is your friend prior to being your enemy and your friend now turns out to be your enemy all along? So whose side is Russia really on?.

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By: Lance Winslow

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