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Do Women Still Expect Men To Pay For How Long

Today's world of dating is a lot different than it was fifty years ago. Not only are the rules more relaxed, but some of them have disappeared almost. One of the rules that have changed over time is the rule that men should always pay for the date. The answer of whether a man should pay for the date or not varies depending on who you talk with.Some women claim that although it may be old fashioned, they think men should always pay for dates. They believe chivalry is not dead and that it is only proper a man at least offers to pay.

Most of these women have no problem chipping in once in a while.Smart women know that if they wanted men to pay for every date, they would hardly go out. So, they expect that they will pay for their half of the date costs, until the relationship gets more serious.Another group of women think it all depends on who asks who. If the female asks the male out, she should be prepared to cough up the cash.

If the male asks the female out, he should be willing to foot the bill.While it seems complicated, you can always go by the rule that you should at least offer to pay your portion of the bill, or all of it if you can afford to. Once you get closer and more committed, these questions will be less important and you will fall into a pattern that is good for both of you.


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