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Dream Interpretation Unleashed

Dreams are unique, for no other individual can have your background, your emotions, or your experiences. They are a voice for desires, your wishes, your thoughts and your ideas; one can consider them to speak the truths that have been suppressed by us in the world, as each dream has its unseen connection to reality.Thus, while interpreting dreams requires linking up those mysterious images to your real life experiences.

It also leads to self-exploration and overcoming of many personal problems, fears and anxieties while realizing his/her full potential. This is because a dream unifies the body, mind and spirit, thereby giving you deep insight into oneself and a means for self-exploration.Broadly, dreams can be categorized in to two categories on the basis of their origination:
The dreams that originate with the physical body
The dreams that have mystical origination.The dreams that are related to one's physical being are basically related to your daily practices, both on the physical and emotional front.

They help you in understanding your general needs, exclaiming your suppressed needs and solving the problems peacefully.The other category has a mystical origination, for it teaches us the much-needed lessons of life and guides us towards our aim in some hidden manner. You can never know from where you have received the information; just that you receive a world of innovative and unique ideas without much efforts!.

Whatever category your dream falls in, it definitely holds a meaning that needs to be interpreted in order to have a better understanding of your self. There are certain definite steps of interpreting one's dream, which are stated in brief as follows:.Step 1: Recording your dreams
This is the first and foremost step towards dream interpretation. The step requires you write the symbols/keywords/instances that you have seen in your dreams, immediately after you get up.

This is because these thoughts tend to vaporize once the rational mind begins to kick in.Step 2: Analyzing your dreams
This step requires the interpreter to be bit creative. The readings that you have taken down are broken in to several small parts, which are then given a definite meaning by associating them to your personal life.

These smaller bits are more focused and render great help in interpreting the dream as a whole.Step 3: Interpreting Your Dreams
The small tit-bits that you have got from the previous step are generally sufficient to give your dream a meaning, when brought up together. However, a deeper concentration on your inner self can aid in understanding that unconsciously received message from your subconscious.

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info and read more about understanding dreams.Article Source:


By: Vaughn Balchunas

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