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Entrepreneurial Capitalist Bloodline Elite and The Future

Why do some families in some cultures always end up at the top? Have you ever studied other cultures and watched certain family names in Asia, Middle East, Europe, South and Central America always seem to be re-occurring when you study history or who runs the government, businesses or even represents their country in the Olympics? It is rather fascinating really. In the United States we even have what we semi-consider the Entrepreneurial Capitalist and Bloodline Elite.Why is it these people always make it to the top? Some believe that it is because of preferential treatment, others say it is because of nurture and expectations. Could be some of both. Some have even speculated that it is a little more than that, perhaps even genetic. Science needs to study these things.

Having the good fortune of possessing some of these genes I myself have wondered these things, yet we are not told all the answers.Yet we need to study all this and until we do, I see a World with work to be done and one that can certainly do without the condemnation of a genetic line (mine or anyone elses) or family bloodline, who for the most part have propelled the United States to be the greatest single nation ever created in the history of mankind.Personally rather than attacking my bloodline, I think I would like to thank them. Not only for my genes, but also for everything I see, everywhere I go and for all we are and all we have built.

Now then, it is time. It is time to carry this torch forward and press on, time is wasting and there is work to be done. Important work and those who detract from my family name, I ask them that they join me in a common cause and commit to seeing beyond the sound and fury of the current means, stop the saber rattling, stop the name calling and conspiracy theories and look towards the goals of the future of all mankind.It is time. And time is something we must not waste. I guess those are my thoughts on your question.

We should be thanking the Entrepreneurial Capitalist, Bloodline Elite and all those in the future who give so much to all of us. Consider this in 2006.


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By: Lance Winslow

Mahogany Wood

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