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Everyone Demands Respect Get Use to It

Do you ever find yourself troubled at the number of groups or categories of people who demand respect, without doing even one thing to earn it? No mind you we should be tolerant of others, but respect you know, well mostly that has to be earned.Recently a gay activist told me that gays should be allowed to get married and have respect. But then as the conversation went on he was only asking for tolerance? Which is it? Was the homosexual from Laramie, WY really wanting tolerance, NO. He was demanding respect and trying to reason with my senses for fairness and tolerance. But I told him;.

This is not a tolerance issue in my opinion. Tolerance should be automatic in society, apparently it wasn't in Laramie, as I read about the kid beat to death for merely being gay. That sucks. In WY, there is somewhat of a Cowboy mentality like ID, MT and much of the Midwestern States. I cannot condone such things. But indeed you must admit they are different there as over all societies go.

Todd [gay individual], I honestly have come to the conclusion that Gay people should not be allowed to marry during this decade as the fringe of the gay and lesbian community has abused the rights of others by threatening, intimidating, slandering and even using extortion tactics against anyone who disagrees. That is not tolerance or respect? Interesting to demand rights, tolerance and respect and then deny others the same.Someday I believe the gays will be allowed to get married in this nation.

But as it stands right now after discussing this with all the gay activists, well I must say that I am completely turned off to the cause and would write my congressman, fund politicians campaigns who come out strongly against it and write articles for publications myself now. The amount of demands for respect of the gay community as they disrespect everyone else, frolic in the streets and make a mockery of marriage and those who are married and then try to bully their way into the system they mock. No way, I can't now support it. Very turned off now. And I vote, influence others and have the right to speak against it.

So I will.For someone to tell me that my observations in life are irrelevant, I must be seeing things, paranoid, afraid, homophobic is just insane behavior from the gay crowd. They do this to everyone. What is most interesting is I came to discuss these issues with the gay activists and came to them with an observation that is not being addressed and denied I now see by the G & L Community. They are not interested in talking or discussing, they are interested in belittling and intimidating. Consider all this in 2006.

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By: Lance Winslow

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