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Great Britain and Tony Blair in a Bind Over the Iranian Nuke Crisis and Showdown

Great Britain in their parliament is now stating that this is no time to be weak on the War on International Terrorism, as Iran promises to blow Israel off the map and continues to fund International Terrorist Cells around the World. Indeed there is also concern over Iran's sending of insurgents into Iraq to kill Coalition Troops as well.Boy this sure puts Tony Blair is a bind. They have to really watch their backs as International Terrorists cells are known by British Intelligence to be parked in their country and the President of Iran, a Nation State which sponsors international terrorism, has said he will order strikes on civilian populations if anyone tries to stop their Nuclear Weapons ambitions. They need to stay tough, and it appears France is talking tough too now.

Meanwhile many do believe that the writing is on the wall for intervention and that Syria has been added to the list by Israel as part of what the Israel Intelligence is now calling the "Axis of Evil" and so we all march closer to war? But nevertheless Great Britain is determined to remain strong and do what is necessary, without sending troops into Iran. So perhaps everyone is more on board than we might think for getting this done? Consider this in 2006.

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By: Lance Winslow

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