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Hen Weekends

Boys aren't the only ones that can have fun; girls have their own needs.Although the women can do the same things men can do, they do have different needs. Men like to rough it; women prefer to be pampered.

Men like shrinking from public view every so often; women need to be the center of attention. By addressing these needs and not just allowing for them but encouraging them, the woman can escape from reality just as well a man running into the woods can.Suffice to say, a hen weekend has an entirely different style than a stag weekend does.

Whereas a stag weekend has more physical endeavors, a hen weekend allows for more interesting options. Consider the possibilities if a woman followed her intuition and applied to the planning of a fun weekend; the possibilities would be strange, but they would limitless.Imagine an entire weekend where you were pampered like a queen. You would be forced to enjoy a full-body massage that relaxed every muscle in your body, and left you on the edge of full awareness and relaxation, followed by an afternoon of facials designed to take years off your appearance. Worse, you would be made over completely, as professionals showed you better ways to apply your make-up, so as to fully allow you show your inner beauty. Throw in a an hour or two in a sauna, and the weekend would be complete.

Or a weekend involving being a pop diva. You pick a song or two , and then decide what it would take for you to sing it on stage. Your make-up would be chosen with care, and your wardrobe laid out with the utmost affection. You would be pampered in a style you could get used to, and readied for a role in center stage. There would be some practice, and then you would go on stage with the utmost confidence that the song had never been sung that way before.

There are those women that want to center stage in a different way. Those women would be interested in lessons in the best ways to pole dance and lap dance, with an inclination to show off what they have to dangerous effect. Some women have wholesome fantasies, others have fantasies that are less so; as long as it is a fantasy, who are we to complain?.There would also be access to entertainment that you couldn't find in your hometown. You would see cabarets that haven't been seen since World War II Germany, and a Full Monty strip that needs to be seen to be believed. Throw in a famous comedian, some great dance music, and a buffet stocked with choice items, and the evening would be complete.

But would you do the next day?.And, of course, if you want to drive a large vehicle in the woods, well, some women like having the steering wheel. Nonetheless, different women have different tastes, and it can be fun to accommodate them.

What is your fantasy?.

.Martin Lucchi is a Web Developer for Eclipse Leisure, a British company that organizes hen weekends, stag nights, Corporate Events and corporate Christmas parties for the UK and Europe.

By: Martin Lucchi

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