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How is Your Life Working

Seriously, look around at your life. Is it what you always hoped it would be? Maybe you aren't a fairy tale princess or a knight of the roundtable as you had dreamed of when you were a kid, but are you happy, fulfilled and being who you came here to BE? Do you have the love, health and money that you truly desire?.If the answer is "Yes", is your answer based on what you truly desire, deep down inside, or is it based on what you see when you compare yourself to others.

Do you truly have the life you want, or have you been trained to feel grateful for what you have since so many others have less?.I am not necessarily talking about having the car, spouse or house of my dreams, although there is nothing wrong with having desires like those. I am talking more about my purpose in life, or who I came here to BE.Who did you come here to BE? Do you believe that there is a purpose for your life? If so, are you moving toward it? What would it take for you to climb on-board your purpose, hit the gas and never look back?.

These questions that I am asking are important, not just for you, but for everyone on the planet. You are here for a purpose, and the world is not complete without you living that purpose.So how is your life working? Maybe you have the spouse, kids and house that you have always wanted. Is that enough? Is that why you are here?.TOOL: If you want to discover or refine your purpose in life, do this exercise.

Sit down, get centered, and write 99 activities, accomplishments or qualities that you appreciate about your life.Write down:.33 activities that bring, or have brought you joy throughout your life.

33 accomplishments that you are proud of.33 qualities that you admire in yourself or others.When you have 99 items on your list, distill the list down to 9. From there, you will notice a common theme or themes. Allow this theme to process inside of you. Allow it to have some time to digest and when it has, you can come back to this process later, but not more than a week later.

After about a week, take a look at your list and then develop a mission statement for your life. Simply decide what it is that you want to DO, based on these top nine important items or attributes from your life. Once this statement is created and refined and you feel that it is true for you, every goal that you make from now on should be relevant to this statement. If they are not, then the goal is not an authentic one for you.

Okay, take a deep breath! This is a lot to process in two paragraphs. Let's take a look at an example:.Let's say that my list came down to an even three attributes in each category:.3 Activities that bring me joy: Singing, writing new lyrics to old songs, speaking.3 Accomplishments that I am proud of: Winning a singing contest, graduating from college, writing a book.

3 Qualities that I admire in myself and others: Honesty, Integrity, Creativity.From these 9 attributes, I can create a mission statement that involves some of the attributes:.My mission is to creatively send a message of love through my speaking and singing.It's that simple, but not necessarily easy!.Once you have your mission statement, you will have a better idea of your purpose in life.

When you have your mission and your purpose, you know where you are going and you can then hit the gas toward your dreams!.

.Neil O. Pflum ? Author BE Success ? Discover the Secret of Having the Life of Your Dreams More Info: http://www.

By: Neil Pflum

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