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How to Achieve Instant Success Connect to Success

There are many secrets of success but I want to share with you one all-inclusive secret that would transform your life effortlessly. This secret is contained in one phrase CONNECT TO SUCCESS! that I came across on the internet. Connect to Success is the name of a New York based company. Yet this phrase is a powerful metaphor that could transform your life if you will but live it.In his all time best seller The Strangest Secret, Earl Nightingale defines success as the progressive realisation of a worthy idea. He further asserts that men become what they think.

Therefore let me tell you this: if you want success, you must thinksuccess, talk success and act success. In a nutshell you must CONNECT TO SUCCESS!.Connect To Success.Do you remember the old saying birds of the same feather flock together? It still holds and applies to your journey to success.

If you want to succeed, you should associate with successful people. Explaining the success principle called The Power of Positive Association" Let's call it The Power of Positive Connection" Author Dan Kennedy says you either hold yourself back or improve yourself based on the people you hang out with most, because their values, ideas and directions are always influencing your own.It is very important to read about success techniques and the lives of successful people. A great success coach Mike Litman recently said this to me: there is so much value in reading about the successes of other people, so in the same vein I am saying to you by reading about the successes of other people, you have taken an important step to CONNECT TO SUCCESS.You should also think success (remember the biblical saying: as you think, so shall you be?); talk success and act success?and wait a minute, you must also dress for success.All these things matter for the person who is serious about success.

You must organise your entire being to harmonise with the time tested success principles outlined above.When you go online to exploit the vast resources on the internet, do not go to sites that would not add value to your life. Go to sites that would help boost your chances of success through education and motivation. In other words, when you connect to the internet, make sure you CONNECT TO SUCCESS!.You can decide to use this very phrase as an affirmation.

Say it, think it, live it, and watch how it will change your life. Yes, connect to success!.

.Article Source: http://EzineArticles.



By: Momodou Sabally

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