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How To Be Confident

For centuries now, experts have been preaching the relationship between the body and the mind and how we can use the body to change how we feel inside. This knowledge in the 21st century tends to be communicated by more modern methods from businesses coaches to peak performance experts such as Anthony Robbins, books and even distance learning courses bought of the TV.The rules state that whatever feelings you feel inside, you will represent these feelings though your body. For example think about how a un-confident person stands, breathes, sits, talks, what facial muscles they use Etc. Chances are it would be likely that their shoulders would be slumped forward, their breathing would be shallow, the way they would talk could be slow and soft and they would use a different set of facial muscles than if they were happy.Now think about how a confident person stands, breathes, sits, talks, their facial muscles Etc.

Chances are they would stand tall, breath deeper, sit up tall, talk with authority and finally they would use a different set of facial muscles to show their confidence?.Hopefully now you can see the relationship between body and mind and how close it is. The great news is that knowing this, you can now reverse this format to suit our needs. Instead of your mind controlling your body, why not have your body control your mind.Instead of just reading about it Why not take some action now and try it out for yourself? And it is very easy!.

If you don't feel very confident at this moment, stand as if you were confident, breath as if your confident, talk as if you were confident and change your facial muscles as if your were confident. It is as easy as that. If you have fully embraced this concept and given it your best shot, I would say there is a good chance your confidence has soared.

There is one more thing though. Like everything in life, practice makes perfect. The more you use this exercise and embrace its concepts, the more successful you will become to change how you feel at will.

Of course in the real world we all can't be confident every minute of every day, but business coaches and even Anthony Robbins would tell you to use this principle whenever you need that boost. For example go through this process before an interview, talking in public or presenting a seminar, (You never know) and anything else that may sap your confidence.Of course this principle does not just apply to confidence, you can also use this approach to be happier, more successful and even to be more attractive to other sex.If you are feeling a bit down at the moment and really could do with a confidence boost, what have you got to lose to give it ago? It doesn't cost anything and you can do it in private and in public and the benefits could be immense.Go for It!.

.Mark is webmaster for Anthony Robbins and Distance Learning and Business Coach.

By: Mark Flanighan

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