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Wet or dry, trying to brush or comb out a tangle in your hair can be a painful and frustrating experience. You can lessen them both by following a few simple steps. Step OneSection off the area with the tangle. You can use hair clips if you wish, to do this, but they aren't completely necessary.

Step TwoWith your left hand (or right if you are left handed) wrap your hand around the section of hair. Step Three Grasp and hold the section of hair tightly. You should not be 'pulling' on the hair.

There should be a bit of 'slack' - leaving the hair from your hand to the scalp 'loose'. Holding this hand / hair in place will prevent 'pulling' of the hair from the scalp when you begin to comb through it. Step Four Starting from about 1 inch from the tips of the hair, gently begin combing / brushing the hair going toward the tips. Step Five Once that area is clear of tangles, move up 1/2 inch to 1 inch at a time. With quick, fluid, and even strokes, comb through to the end of the hair with each pass.

Step Six Repeat the process if you need to.


Mahogany Wood

Spirituality No More Need To Feel Inadequate - If you are honest with yourself I think you will recognize that you harbor a deep feeling of inadequacy inside.

What Hypnosis can do to make your Sex Life more Exciting - After you have induced a state of hypnotic self-relaxation concentrate on your specific sexual problem, assuming you have one.

Wildlife Loss - So much of our flora and fauna in the UK is in decline, some suffering serious loss.

SelfContemplation - When Moses was up on the mountain receiving the Ten Commandments, he asked God how shall Moses answer the question, what is his name? And God said unto Moses: I AM THAT I AM.

Spiritual Matchmaking - We live in a material world where all our decisions are colored by considerations which would result in some form of profit or gain.


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