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How to tell if he or she is a keeper in minutes or less Dating and Relationship Advice

Has this ever happened to you?

You meet someone, the chemistry is right and the future is looking good. Soon you find yourself really caring for this person. But after a while you start to realize that there are some things about them that just seem to bug you. All the attention was flattering at first but now seems domineering and controlling. Or, what at first appeared to be modesty is starting to look like they really have no self-esteem at all.

Maybe what you took to be a little quirkiness at first is starting to look like a full blown dual personality!

Wouldn't it be nice if you could find out right away, with a quick, easy and reliable test, if your friend or lover has personality traits that will doom your relationship?

Well, you can find out right away ? in as little as 15 minutes ? by getting a short sample of their handwriting and analyzing it or having it analyzed. There are 50 or more personality traits that show up in handwriting, some of which are extremely useful in determining their emotional and sexual compatibility with you.

Determining a list of personality "Hell Traits" is bound to be somewhat subjective.

After all, what may seem like a terrible trait to me might be just your cup of cappuccino. But after asking a number of people, this is the list of personality traits that we suggest you screen for in the handwriting sample:
o Jealousy
o Dual personality
o Emotionally withdrawn
o Low self-esteem
o Excessively sensitive to criticism
o Lying
o Anti-social
o Hot temper
o Domineering
o Selective listener (closed minded)

Investing a little time right up front could save you months of heartaches. Why would you trust your heart to someone without first knowing if their personality is one that you can live with?

Did You Know:

o Handwriting analysis has long been used extensively in Europe, where? it is routinely used as a hiring tool by an estimated 85% of all companies (Dun's Review).
o The FBI, CIA, and major metropolitan police departments use handwriting analysis to solve crimes, identify stalkers, suspects, select juries and convict criminals. Prosecutors who won a death sentence for Scott Peterson hired graphologists to analyze prospective jurors' handwriting during the jury selection process.

The prosecution's . effort ended in victory when jurors sent Peterson, 32, to death row in December. (Modesto Bee)
o You may have also seen it used on Discovery Channel specials, CSI, Court TV and other popular television shows. Tarot and astrology testimony is not allowed in court, but handwriting analysts testify frequently in all types of cases.

o Handwriting changes over time - depending on what is happening in one's life - but a person's handwriting will always reflect their core personality traits and tendencies as well as the current situation.

Sex Drive and Handwriting:

You may be surprised to know that the nature of a person's sex drive also is revealed in their handwriting. And, it can be amazingly accurate. Handwriting Analysis can tell you if a person:
o Has a normal, healthy sex drive
o Has a strong sex drive and sexual imagination
o Is sexually frustrated
o Is independent, a loner
o Has trust issues around sex and intimacy

More Info on Handwriting and Love:

How do you get someone's handwriting analyzed? Most cities have people who specialize in this line of work, and they often do forensic analysis and document examination as well.

The yellow pages is a good source for finding these professionals. Most libraries have books about graphology and handwriting analysis, so you can always go there for reading material. The web has many sites that offer information or services in this specialty.

Our site has some particularly effective and easy to use reference materials as well as a "Hell Trait Report" that allows anyone to identify potential problems before they become too involved.

copyright 2006
Phil Billitz
4 Quarters Technology LLC.

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Phil is a handwriting analyst, poet, photographer, technologist and addicted to Argentine Tango. To learn more about the "Hell Trait Report", personality tests, Blog of Love, modern love poems, pheromone products and more, visit www. .

By: Phil

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