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How to Use Failure to Succeed

Failure is not an end point. It is a signal for course correction.Despite the avalanche of material on system's theory and many excellent works that compare the mind to a cybernetic system, similar to that of a heat-seeking guidance missile, everybody, regardless of how well educated they are about the operations of subconscious mechanisms, has the instinctive feeling to respond to failure as a massive upset to their plans.Behind good information processed by the neocortex we still operate a mammalian brain, and it is this that kicks in when we experience a collapse of our ideal.It takes deliberate effort to realign with our goals, respond to negative feedback as feedback, and begin to upgrade information to craft a slightly different trajectory.

All entrepreneurial ventures are flawed from the beginning because we simply cannot foresee all possible variations.It is, therefore, inevitable to get feedback, both negative and positive, and it is important to process and comprehend these rather than treat them as mere noise.Despite the sophistication of the human brain, goal achievement is always considered an arduous achievement.

This is due to not understanding the emotional structure of our brain, responding to information inappropriately, and short-circuiting hope, which in turn drains the vitality necessary to move forward.What truly creates a spirit of defeat is failure to acknowledge the sheer genius of our own subconscious minds and rely almost completely on conscious processing.Our subconscious mind is a teleological and parallel processing mechanisms whose computing power rivals and even exceeds that of the most advanced supercomputer on this planet.It is this schism between conscious deliberation and subconscious operations that causes people to give up too quickly.

Failure, then, is feedback on two levels.On the overt level, it is failure to achieve an objective because of a misapplied or poorly understood technique.On the covert level, it is failure for the conscious and subconscious mind to speak the same language and move congruently toward the same goal.

Responding to the failure on both these levels and stimulating course correction, results in success, sometimes in the most amazing fashion, where seemingly miraculous experiences appear to rescue the situation and deliver the desired outcome.

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By: Saleem Rana

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