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How to use JOURNALING to get more Energy Effortlessly

There is one sure-fire way I've found to making an effective change with my energy and that is by keeping a journal. I believe the saying goes? what you track, attracts.Journaling in general supports your personal growth. Energetic journaling takes writing to a more powerful level. Energy journaling creates a connection to your source.

It allows for the opportunity to move beyond the day's reflection into a place of connecting with your calling, understanding your life purpose and tuning into your life's next steps.This can be a little scary (maybe why we don't make time for it?) because it has us looking at what really needs to change in our lives in order for us to go the next level. Even when we want things in our lives to desperately be different, we sort of feel comfortable with where we are. I mean, it's kind of working, right?.Energetic journaling is a self-discipline that puts us on a greater path of living a life of grace.

It calls us to be pro-active about what we are doing with our bodies, our thoughts, our spending, our lives ? you name it. It's an act of responsibility, and it is the ultimate way to take a stand for what you want to have happen in your life because you are showing up for it ? everyday.So how do we do this energetic journaling?.First you want to begin with the basics. This is about recording what you use for fuel and how you treat your body throughout the day. Be sure to track:.

1 ? What You Eat
2 ? How You Move.Stay with this for at least 1 week. Once you've succeeded, take it to 1 month. This small move is actually a big one.

There is power in remaining consistent with any life-changing tool for 30 days or more.Next, record what you spend.This is about how you use your energy in the form of money. Be sure to track.1 ? Everything you spend your money on.
2 ? How much you spend.

Same 30 day suggestion: ).Last, once you have the physical aspects of your energy journaling underway, you are in a place to open up to HEAR the message of your true calling or purpose..The universe, God, Life force, whatever term is most comfortable for you, is talking to us everyday, all day.

We're usually just too busy to listen. We might receive an "energetic hit" when we hear a phrase, a song, a certain picture or person. We often just push our way right though these messages, tell ourselves we're tired, or that it was just a "freaky" moment.But this is where the gold is!.Next time you have one of these moments ? jot it down in your energy journal (or a napkin if that's all you have handy!) Then, later on, create a quiet space and some reflection time for yourself.

Sit still. Get quiet. Reflect on the moment that you recorded and ask for some guidance:.

What was powerful about this moment for me? How does this connect to what I have to offer? How can I use this information to make the change I want to make?.Just listen. Let the answers come. Even if you don't fully "get it" right away, jot down your answers anyway. Then go back and look at them later. There is ALWAYS a surprise in there.

This is a change from the "Dear Diary" path from our past. Energy journaling isn't about hashing out the negative, it's about opening the door to your future. Pretty cool, huh?.

You will also be shocked at how quickly your energy shifts and things start coming into your life by using this simple tool. Like I said, it takes a bit of discipline first, but you'll be dancing to a different tune as your life begins to change!.


Heather Dominick, "The Energy Expert" is an energy and nutrition specialist with over 10 years of teaching and coaching experience. Heather's primary focus is in helping others identify sources for increasing physical energy and making permanent lifestyle changes. To sign up to receive your free chapter of the famed e-Book "Get EnergyRICH?", for her freebie how-to articles and no-charge teleclasses on creating your most energized life, visit

By: Heather Dominick

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