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How To Use Words To Your Advantage

Words are very powerful things.They can make or break a life, marriage or other partnership, career. They affect your feelings either in a good way or a bad way. They can heal or destroy.

They can determine your direction and results in life. They can build confidence and self-esteem or tear it down.You'd be wise to choose yours very carefully.

You use words everyday. You communicate with words with yourself and with others. Now words are not all there is to communication, but they sure play a major part in relaying a message to someone else.

When you realize how powerful words are, it makes sense to know how to use this power to your advantage. Very often, people use words to sabotage their own plans without knowing what they've done.Words are seeds which bring about the manifestation of the spoken word.You have complete control over the words you speak. Use this power to your advantage. Use it to create a harmonious, abundant world around you.

The most important words for you to take advantage of are the words you speak to yourself. You are constantly speaking to yourself consciously or unconsciously. We call this 'thinking'.Every word you say to yourself is a command; if you want to know what kinds of words you've been speaking to yourself, look at your life right now. What do you see?.

If you knew that every word you spoke came to pass, would you be more careful when talking to yourself? Would you perhaps *not* say things like 'how could I be so stupid' or 'I'm no good at this'?.I first learnt this lesson in med. school. When the gravity of the statement in the biblical quote below dawned on me, I stopped putting myself down with my words.

I started saying, first of all, that 'the things I say happen'. Then I started saying 'I am the best medical student this school has ever seen' and things like that. The result of this 're-programming'? Visit www., read the article called 'Your Power To Choose' to discover what happened. In summary though, those exact words were fulfilled to the last letter.There are such things as 'self-fulfilling prophecies', you know. It's time for you to make those 'prophecies' good ones.Feeling discouraged/down? Change the words you're speaking to yourself at that instant.

Speak out loud if you can (depending on where you are at the time), saying good things about yourself and your worth. Lift yourself up with your words. Bounce back to normal by changing your words to yourself.When you speak or write words, your thoughts are forced to correspond at that moment, for you cannot hold 2 opposing thoughts in your mind at the same time. So use words to keep you focused on your desired outcome in life. You get what you focus on most of the time, remember.

Take advantage of the power of words to create beautiful, harmonious relationships with others. Do you have children? Speak words of encouragement and praise to them when they do right. When they don't do right, speak words of a constructive nature rather than a destructive one (destructive words usually contain 'don't', 'no', 'not' in the context of criticism.

Come up with ways of communicating with your children without using those words, and you'll see the results.).When communicating with your partner, use affirming words; compliment often, express gratitude and appreciation lavishly. If you must criticize, use empowering words to do so.

When talking to your work colleagues or business partners, aim to use words that build them up. This means gossip is out of the question (pretty obvious, I hope).Think of other ways you can use words to your advantage. Write them down and continue adding to the list as things occur to you. Go ahead and do this right now!.

To get you started, try these on for size:.- Instead of 'I can't'.say 'I can' or 'I am able to.'.- Instead of 'I don't know how to.

', say 'I will find a way to.'.- Instead of 'I'm fine thank you' (in response to 'how are you?), say 'I feel great/wonderful!'.- Instead of 'I'll try and do .

' say 'I will do.'.- Instead of using the word 'problem' use the word 'challenge'.- Instead of saying 'I failed.

', say 'I learned something.'.- Instead of 'if.' say 'when.'.- Instead of 'I'm afraid.

', say 'I'm confident.'. you get the idea don't you?.Here's what you need to remember: whatever words you speak, whether to yourself or to others, whether about yourself or about others, should always be words that build up yourself or the other person. Speak words from a place of love.

Build, don't tear down.Your life depends on it. What you say comes back to you.

.Dr Kem Thompson is a Success Coach, Speaker, Author.

She can help you achieve better results at work, business, play, spiritual or in your social life. For resources you can use today to create a better life, sign up for her FREE ezine (and get a thank-you gift)- 'Days of Success' at

By: Dr Kem Thompson

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