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How to Win His Heart

Okay, so you are reading the content to find out the secrets to winning a guy's heart. Maybe you are expecting some beauty tips and perhaps some personality traits that men like in women, then of course for those that believe in spells, they would expect that I share some type of magic verses. Instead I will give you the truth, stop worrying too much about what men think about you and let your own personality shine.

Yeah, you got that right, just be yourself, stop worrying too much. People can usually tell when others are being dishonest and even if they can't tell, they will sense that you are not confident. Therefore, it will definitely affect the way they perceive you.

Besides, would you be interested on a man that loves your illusion, not you? Of course not! This type of deception can even make things harder for you. Imagine working real hard to create this perfect image. Then the guy falls for you but guess what? Your true personality starts to show up. He feels confuse because he though you were different and in reality you are something else. Now he is disillusioned and decides to move on.

You will stay sad and alone after spending so much time, effort, and energy in to something that was destined to fail from the beginning.So, avoid acting and lying when meeting men. Be yourself; think of dating as interviewing the men in order to choose the best man for the job. Besides, if anyone deserves you it should be a man that will appreciate your good side and forgive your worst qualities. A current example that I see happening more often is women faking that they love sports. Do not get me wrong, I know that in schools females also play sports and the more time passes there will be less differences between the behavior of men and that of women.

Therefore, there are definitely some women out there that enjoy watching a good game on the TV or even further, they enjoy playing sports. However, I am not referring to them; it is for the women that fake to like sports just so that they can appear to be cool or to get the guy to like her more. A guy will not die because his romantic partner does not like sports. In fact, I am sure he already got buddies to do that kind of stuff with.

Instead men are attracted to confident women that feel good with being themselves. Try to relax and enjoy. You will glow for being confident in your own skin but most importantly you will attract the right man: one that likes and accepts you for who you really are!.


Kenia Morales is the publisher of online magazine "For Every Aspect of Today's Woman. Visit her site to find a variety of women related issues and topics.

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By: Kenia Morales

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