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Humor for Women A Special Mothers Day Gift

Every year my family asks what I want for Mother's Day and every year I face the same dilema. Should I tell them what I really want?.I've never told them the things that what I really want because I know I'll never get them. For example, what I really want for Mother's Day is an elegant dinner out a restaurant where I have to get dressed up and there is no kid's menu. But I don't want to dine at just any restaurant; I want it to be a restaurant in Paris.

What I'll actually ask for is a dinner out. What I'll get is a pancake dinner at IHOP. It's my daughter's favorite place and she is convinced that it's my favorite too. It's not actually number one on my list, however it has cheap kid's meals, fast service, paper placemats to color and it's close enough to the house that I only have to hear, "Are we there yet?" once or twice. What more can you ask for in a dining experience?.

The other thing I really want for Mother's Day is a weekend at a luxurious spa complete with a manicure, pedicure, facial, and daily massages. Oooh, that sounds so nice, I'm getting relaxed just thinking about it. I'll actually ask for some fancy bath soap and a chance for a nice soothing hot soak.

What I'll get is about ten minutes of quiet in the bathtub before I get interrupted over and over again. "Mom, where are my socks?" "Mom, where are the scissors?" "Mom, where are the band aids?" The last one normally gets me out of the bath in a hurry.Another thing that I really want for Mother's Day is one of those great cruises with the Disney Characters. The commercials make them look like so much fun.

My family could play in the pool together all day and at night I could enjoy the adult entertainment with my husband. What I'll actually ask for is an afternoon of fun together. We'll probably go to the local park or zoo. It'll be nice, but it just won't be the same as a cruise with Mickey and Minnie.Don't get me wrong; I love the presents that I get. I especially love the presents that my seven-year-old daughter makes for me: the I Love You Mom pencil holder, the picture frame studded with colored macaroni, the bead necklaces.

(I remember making ashtrays for my mom when I was little, but I guess that's not politically correct anymore.).My favorite present, though, is one that my daughter can't make and can't buy at a store. My favorite present of all is when my daughter gives me a giant-squeezey hug and I hear her say, "You're the best, Mom.

".So when my daughter asks me what I want most of all for Mother's Day, that's what I'll tell her. Actually there's something that I want more than that, but I know I can never get it. I want it more than any fancy dinner, cruise or weekend away at a spa.

What I really want is a way to put some extra giant-squeezey hugs in a box and save them for when my daughter is fifteen and thinks I'm a complete idiot. When she runs into her room to be alone, I'll be able to open my little box of hugs, take one out and remember one of the best things about being a mom. Happy Mother's Day.

.This article comes with reprint rights providing no changes are made and the resource box below accompanies it.Laura Browne is the author of a practical & easy-to-use book for women, Why Can't You Communicate Like Me? How Smart Women Get Results At Work.

To register for her Free Teleconferences (recent topic - Are You An Invisible Woman? How To Get Heard) go to (This book is available at the website and at Barnes & Noble online.

).When Laura isn't writing, she helps women be more successful through WOMEN Unlimited, a nationally recognized resource for cultivating leadership excellence,

(This article was originally printed in Cranberry Magazine.).

By: Laura Browne

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