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International Terrorists Caught in Toronto More to Catch in BC

The Canadian Mounties have caught 17 terrorists in Toronto, however this is just one group of people, which was planning to bomb a city in Canada. In fact there are more terrorists to catch in BC and although the Canadian Mounties have caught these terrorists they are away behind in catching the rest.In fact that number of terrorists cells in Canada is staggering and they are too close to our borders for comfort and we need the Canadian Mounties to work harder and faster and catch all these terrorists cells before they attack the United States of America or Canada themselves.

Canada is also home to the eco-terrorists who start forest fires, burn down luxury homes and torch businesses. They have been known to start fires and are arsonists in many business fires in many industries from the timber industry to SUV car dealerships. Are the eco terrorists joining the international terrorists and planning to attack government buildings, businesses and luxury private residences? It would not surprise me if the international terrorists have joined forces with the eco terrorists because their goals are the same even though their messages different.Although it is great that the Mounties in Canada have caught 17 terrorists in Toronto, this is nothing to brag about, as it is only a start. The amount of headlines in the world news that this is receiving is obviously problematic in that people now think that a terrorist attack has been averted and we have nothing to worry about anymore.

The fact of the matter is this is one of many terrorists cells in the Canadian Provinces and the Canadians still need get serious or they will be sorry and so will we. We must ensure that the American people and the Canadian people are protected from terrorists and we must go after these people and not rest on our laurels after making a big bust. Please consider this in 2006 and let's go after the international terrorists and capture or kill them.

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By: Lance Winslow

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