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Internet Dating Tips for Beginners

New to online dating? These internet dating tips can help you jump-start your exploration of cyberspace dating and relating. I've used lots of online dating websites and made some mistakes along the way. But I learned from those mistakes and I've come up with a list of internet dating tips that have helped me immensely (and my friends swear by them!).Do Your Homework.A site is only as good as what you're getting out of it. Yes, size matters to some degree, but it isn't the only thing to consider.

An internet dating site with millions of members may sound great, but if only three members live anywhere within 1,000 miles of you, it might not be a good fit. A small site that focuses on your area of the country or your particular interests may be a better fit. Check out several sites offering trial memberships and do searches using at least three criteria (age group, geographic location and a special interest would be a good start). From there, choose the one that seems like the one with the most potential for you.Never Give Away Personal Information.Yes, it's been said before, but this is one of those internet dating tips that bears repeating: NEVER put personal information in your profile.

Most members of Internet single sites are as normal as you are, but don't take the chance. You're looking for a date or friendship, not a stalker. Be sure you are comfortable before revealing anything personal to anyone.Don't Forget Your Photo.Post a good, recent photo ? preferably more than one. The statistics don't lie; every internet dating advice column you read will agree that profiles with pictures get many times the response of ones that don't.

It doesn't matter if you're a wealthy, witty brain surgeon if you don't include a picture. Most people will assume you have something to hide (Are you married and trying to cheat? Do you have a horrible disfigurement?). If you post more than one, choose a couple of different settings and poses (dressed up for the evening and casual in jeans, for instance). The more photos you have and the clearer they are, the more people who will visit your profile.About Your Profile.

Fill out the entire profile, even if it has a hundred seemingly mundane questions. Knowing that you like Chinese food, own two dogs and like to travel are great conversation starters for someone who is interested in you. It also gives a "snapshot" of your personality. If you simply skip a lot of questions, it gives the impression you joined without really being all that interested. If you can't be bothered with completing the profile, how likely are you to invest time in really getting to know someone?.

Use Humor to Your Advantage.Instead of a dry history of your life, try talking about yourself with a few humorous comments ("I'm the proud pet of a Labrador Retriever who has successfully trained me to give him biscuits on demand," sounds so much more intriguing than, "I have a dog.").

Turn-Offs to Avoid.Headlines that are complete turn-offs include (and I'm amazed how often I actually see this), "No games, please!" and "I'll make your dreams come true." One sounds like the cry of someone who's wounded, suspicious and recently dumped. The other sounds arrogant and makes a ridiculous promise. How can you make his/her dreams come true? You don't even know them!.Start Things on a Casual Note.

This is probably one the most important Internet dating tips. Talk about common interests, current events and interesting stories you may have heard recently. Most people are a bit cautious at first, so give anyone you contact the chance to get to know you a little bit before heading into deep waters. If you're emailing each other, don't write a book every time ? sometimes just a quick note can bring a smile and take the pressure off to respond at length. Everyone likes a bit of breathing room at first, especially online.Whether you're looking for friendship, casual dating or a serious romance, these Internet dating tips will ensure you a successful launch in the online dating world.

.About the Author:.Kevin Urban is the editor at, a popular guide to the best online dating and matchmaking sites. Read the reviews on alternative dating sites and the best US dating services.Copyright 2006 Dating-Site-Advisor.

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By: Kevin Urban

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