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It is Hurricane Season Folks

Each year hurricane season starts on June 1st and this year is no exception and we're expecting quite a hurricane season. We all recall the 2005 Atlantic tropical hurricane season and how we started listening to the weather Channel and watching the radar Doppler on the evening news.We also recall the devastation and destruction that was caused in Cozumel and Cancun, as well as to catastrophic damage in the United States along the Gulf Coast and the city of New Orleans. Hurricane Katrina caused the lake in New Orleans to bust the levees and fill up New Orleans like the soup bowl. Although the levees have been repaired and some people have come back to the city and much debris has been removed, we now find that the pollution is so great the city of New Orleans may have to become a Superfund site.Already it has cost American taxpayers over $200 billion and that is just a start.

But the cleanup is not completed yet and here comes the 2006 Atlantic tropical hurricane season and we wait and wonder when the first Hurricane Alberto will strike. NASA has launched a new weather satellite to help in the data collection so the supercomputers can crunch all the information to help us better forecast and pinpoint exactly when and where are the hurricanes will hit. Meanwhile the residents of the United States are preparing for another severer hurricane season. Consider this a 2006.

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By: Lance Winslow

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