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Over Taxation Still Exists Look at the Gasoline Taxes Sometime

Sure, we have had tax cuts and this is one major great thing that the Bush administration has done, no matter how you feel about their other policies they have cut taxes. The government needs to go on a diet just like most Americans who are overweight.The United States government and its ever-growing huge blob of bureaucracy is bigger now than ever before and needs a bigger budget than ever before to continue to support the weight so does not buckle at the knees.

Granted they need the money, but they also need a diet and downsizing. Additionally taxation and over taxation still exist in United States of America and you need not look further than the gasoline taxes to find out that America is overpaying taxes still. Sure, we will delete the death tax and that is a good thing.However, we also need to do something about these gasoline taxes, as they are out of control and much of each dollar you spend on gasoline goes to the United States government who needs to go on a diet. If we are really serious as Americans of weaning the government and putting it on a diet then we also need to consider the gasoline taxes.The United States government does not need any more money it needs psychiatric help and a robust exercise program to become more efficient and a dietary plan, which makes sense for the American people.

Remember we own the government so no wonder it is so fat. I think we need to look at a mirror and both of us go on a serious diet. And we need to start by eliminating more taxes. Consider this in 2006.


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By: Lance Winslow

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