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Royal Family Power Elite In America Are They Scoundrels in the Midst

Some people have noticed how many family names keep re-appearing in high places in government, industry and at the top of the food chain in multi-national conglomerate corporations. They believe that many of these folks are unfairly scraping the crème off the top of the efficiencies generated by the superior flows of our civilization. Additionally some say this is not right.Since I belong to royal family elite lines, I though I would act as a go between and get to the bottom of this complaint. Another gentleman who wished not to be named and also has some of the same genes has stated; "I am fairly certain that I share in the bloodlines mentioned, and have masons on both sides of my Family Tree, that does not prevent me from citing scoundrels when I perceive them.".

Okay I understand this. But have you considered that those you perceive as scoundrels may not be scoundrels at all, but rather labeled scoundrels by other actual scoundrels, as they work hard for both the interests of the Nation, American People and simultaneously themselves to some degree, as we know that is part of human nature. Not mine, but we have observed this right?.

I mean, one-third of the average people will lie to you to save $2 off the purchase price. Would steal from you to make $50 bucks or even kill someone for a half-a-million dollars. So now then we have to ask what is a man's ethical threshold? Hard to say, as it appears to be as much nature as it is nurture right; but suffice it to say humans are not beyond reproach, very few are in my observation.

Do you believe if someone is a scoundrel then they should be immediately replaced with another scoundrel or human? If so, what good did that really do? Not such a cohesive plan really; sounds like Chaos. I think the best leadership would be the most benevolent and smartest of the species, and they should lead. But you see currently the system was set up before us and the system does not reward integrity, honesty or benevolence. Quite the contrary, so who do you want to lead? Consider this in 2006.


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By: Lance Winslow

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