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Stress Relief Management

Stress relief management is a process of taking different steps to relax the body and mind. Job stress is one of the biggest sources of stress for many people. Stress has become a common phenomenon and is even found in schoolchildren. The first step is to recognize stress and then to find ways to manage it. A person who can look into the positive aspects of stress can use it as a motivating factor.

Various strategies are adopted today to relieve stress. The best strategy is to change one's habits gradually and smoothly, and then regularly practicing those techniques, which help in keeping the body in a relaxed state. The regular practices for stress relief management include yoga, meditation, Tai Chi Chuan, conscious breathing routines, dancing, and bioenergetics classes. It is easier to develop a regular practice by going to a class for at least 15-30 minutes per day.

Some of the powerful and healing occasional practices include holistic healing retreat and massage.The three most popular stress relief techniques used around the world today are exercise, meditation and massage. Exercise helps in keeping the mind in a tension free state and it wards off depression. Meditation helps the mind to concentrate.

Massaging offers deep relaxation and soothes the body, and improves the physiological processes such as circulation. The physiological benefits of meditation and exercise include blood pressure stabilization, reduced tension, and a decline in cortisol. Other natural stress relief methods are laughter and music. Stress relief management also includes on-site stress relief services.

Certain stress relief management tips for daily purposes are: doing enjoyable activities on every possible occasion, walking, working, and eating at a relaxed pace, breathing deeply and stretching gently to relax those tense areas of the body, wearing loose and comfortable cloth, and taking short breaks in between work tasks to relax.

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By: Eric Morris

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