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The I Love It When Game Bring Out The Positive

By now, you are very much in touch with the Law of Attraction. To refresh your memory, the LOA, as we call it, declares that every thought that you send out to "outer space" so to speak, comes back to you as a manifestation of some sort. You send positive thoughts, you are rewarded with a good life, good surprises, abundance, and such.Likewise, you send negative thoughts and life becomes an ordeal.

Come to think of it, this LOA really sucks, if you are the type of person whose mind keeps sending messages of fear, lack, poverty, unhappiness, conflicts, etc.Don't feel bad, however, for if you have this type of mind, you are not alone. In fact, most of us have this non-stop tormentor, which can't shut up and which puts us in the most dreadful life situations. Yes, our minds have been so ingrained into believing certain horrible things that we find it hard to shut then up. But shut them up we must.Enter the "I Love It When?" game.

As with everything else that we must do to counterbalance the power of our negative thoughts, this game has as its main purpose putting us in a positive, appreciative frame of mind. This change of heart, so to speak, is what will provoke a change in our lives, for, when we start sending positive vibes, we get positive results. Whew. There is light outside the tunnel and it is not an oncoming train!.That is why we should never despair if our minds are uncooperative; we can reverse its mood.

We play games because they are fun and fun is good; we should strive to have fun all the time. It is good to play. And if you are the sort of person who thinks that play is childish, think again. Play is the propulsion machine that will help us enjoy a quality life.So here is how you play this game: every time that you look at something or every time you are doing something, or you see something, etc, etc, you say: "I Love it When? (such and such happens) because it makes me feel?" (state a positive feeling, such as happy, enthusiastic, loving, loved, passionate, diverted, and so on).

Or something like that.For example: "I love it when the weather is so lovely, because it makes me feel warm inside," "I love it when I sit down to write my articles because I know somebody will enjoy them," I love it when my son is such a nice young man because I feel that, as a mother, I am in the right path," I love it when I find money in my jacket's pocket because I feel abundant," I love it when I think about my future because I feel I am conquering the world and that feels delightful." "I love it when I use money because I am reminded that there is enough to go around and I feel prosperous." And so on.You got the idea. So now it is your turn.

Play the game and feel really good. After all, that is what life is all about, don't you agree?.

. Maria Moratto 2006.

Dr. Maria Moratto is the author of "The Inner Cure: Healing Your Body, Mind, and Soul." Visit Prescription For Bliss at http://www.rx4bliss.

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By: Maria Moratto

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