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The Male Sexual Process

It is generally assumed that in the human male sexual act, orgasm and ejaculations are the same thing. They are, in fact quite different and quite separate events that can happen either simultaneously, or not. It is even possible for one to occur without the other.

The process of sexual arousal begins in the brain, sometimes manifesting with an erection, but not always, especially in the early phase. At this point endorphins, a naturally occurring hormone with properties similar to amphetamine, or cocaine, inundates the male brain. This stage is followed by a flowing of blood into the penis and the production of a few drops of preejaculate fluid. If conditions are right and excitement continues, an erection will normally follow. This occurs when the sponge-like tissue of the penis fills with blood. As it becomes engorged and blood fills the penis.

Flaps in the veins through which blood would normally leave, swell, blocking off the flow, keeping the blood in the penis. As blood continues to enter and not leave, aided by increased heart rate and blood pressure, the organ enlarges and stiffens. The above describes the normal process of male sexual arousal, but things are not always normal and there are factors that can interfere. Alcohol can interfere with the nervous system, preventing the signal to enlarge the flaps and close off the valves. Prolonged use of tobacco is said to have negative effect the normal development and maintenance of erections. Age, of course, is the most significant factor influencing the ability to produce and erection.

As a man ages blood flow to the penis may decrease. His main artery into the penis may fill with sludge, reducing the ability of that artery to conduct blood flow, and the flaps that had once kept the blood in the penis to allow an erection, may weaken and begin to leak. Modern science has produced relief for erectile difficulties through the development of now familiar pills, but, for a variety of reasons, not every man can take the pills.

For those men, all is not completely lost, for it is not essential to produce an election to experience physical relief, to have an orgasm.

About the Author:
Men with erectile dysfunction, who, for whatever reason, cannot take a pill, should be aware that orgasm is still possible without an erection. Inventor Robert Houts, has developed the Paragon Solo, which offers release and relief to men with erectile difficulties.

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