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The USA is A Number One

The United States is the greatest civilization ever created in the history of mankind. No one can deny that although a few have tried. In fact show me another Republic that functions any better? Because last time I checked our GDP was five times that of the number two nation on the list and almost half of all the entire civilizations on the planet Combined. But what makes this civilization so great?.The flows of the civilization we call the United States are so redundant that it is nearly a complete self-sufficient un-penetratable system.

I am impressed and you probably can imagine how much it takes to impress me. We watched after Hurricane Katrina wiped out the Gulf Coast how quickly we responded and how well we adapted and over came. We are a resilient nation indeed.

We have trucks and trains re-routed and only brief oil spikes due to a disruption in supply and soon it was all back to normal. Sure other things still need to be done, but consider how incredibly dynamic and efficient we are and how easily every thing returned to normalcy for a moment for the rest of the nearby regions and the nation as a whole.Other nations claim they are the greatest but that simply is not so, take France for instance with their Riots from October thru December. Then starting again in February, March and April? Obviously their system is broken, even as they claim to be a wise old nation. They cannot control their civilization and thus the masses are quite perturbed living in such a haphazard society and nation. Consider all this in 2006.

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By: Lance Winslow

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