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Think Better Live Longer

The headline almost jumped off my screen?."Want to live longer? Think positive thoughts.".According to this 15 year study of 545 Dutch men between 64 and 84, optimism and an overall positive attitude reduced their risk of cardiovascular death by HALF.

Positive thinking works! The mind is incredibly powerful.That is why thinking yourself young is so important! Your mind is your most powerful anti-aging tool.If you want to get an instant charge of healthy optimism and feel younger fast, try these Mind Toners from Thinking Yourself Young! They're so powerful, you will be feeling younger and more energetic, smiling and happy in just minutes.

The Top 10 Mind Toners
1. I am enjoying life more and more every day!
2. I am making a positive difference today.

3. My world is full of infinite possibilities.
4. I am healthy, active and filled with energy and exuberance.

I see new, fresh, exciting things about life. Every day is a new adventure.
6. I think more and more positive thoughts and see how they are true for my life.

7. Positive healing energy is working in my life today.
8. Today, I celebrate the magic in each moment.
9. I feel young and free; my heart sings and soars today.

10. My imagination is stirred and my heart sings.
And one more that always makes me smile:.I have the audacity to stay as young as I choose, and to live life on my terms!.By saying these Mind Toners every day, you can increase your positive thoughts and improve your attitude, health and longevity. And life will be more fun!.

.Lynn Ward is the founder of She is a coach, author and speaker specializing in helping people give voice to their Dreams with a Plan of Action for a happier life. Her free ezine offers inspiration and tips on thriving.

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By: Lynn Ward

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