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Tips For Using Telephones Rather Than Being Used By Them

Much writing is done on how to handle e-mails efficiently, and very little on how to handle phone communications effectively. So let us start with the basics, which in fact may not be as basic as appear! The way we use our phone is truly revealing of the way we relate to our inner self, and to life!.1.

Use your phone for your convenience
Let me say it again: Use your phone for your convenience! The telephone is here to serve you, and not you to serve the phone. It is meant as an enhancer and a pleasure for you. Some "callees" respond to the ring as if they were subordinate to an imaginary bell rung by an imaginary master? Take back your power!.2.

Listen to your inner phone
It will tell you when to pick up the phone or let it go to voice mail, also when to dial a number, and have someone real answer on the other side. This tip is especially helpful when calling someone very busy or hard to reach.3.

Dare not returning a call
What is your truth with returning Harry's phone call? Do you really want to talk to him? Are you ready for this exchange? Silence is at times a greater courtesy than words, to yourself and others.4. Screen your calls
Allow yourself to truly be meditating, or to listen to Liszt's Rhapsody, or to write that letter without being interrupted.

Also never answer the phone, if you do not feel like yourself. It will only create more cleaning up to do? Only exception; if it is your coach, or your inspiration anchor!.5. Build your communication muscle
At the time when stress is considered a number 1 offender, taking a day off from any phones may just be what will allow any communication to "build powerfully." Just like in strength exercises, one pushes to the limits of stress, and then rest before the second set, taking a day off will allow you to become an athlete in voice exchange.

6. Put a smile in your voice
Time off will also naturally "put a smile in your voice," which is a key rule in phone selling. Truth is that after taking time off from answering, and refraining to call when you are in a negative space, you will genuinely want to communicate smiling.

7. Listen and ask
Once you make sure that YOU are ready and prepared for a communication, also listen to see if the receptive part is as ready as you are. A good entrance may be: Hi, this is Pat. Is this a good time? The person on the other side, grateful for your thoughtfulness, will either talk to you then, or willingly arrange for another time.8. Trust
Trust is a big component in using phones.

Pay attention to the personality who is answering: is it the secretary, the mother, the lover, the miser? Is there any part there that is needy for communication? What can you do to fulfill that part before you run to the phone?.9. Learn patience?
Treat all your contacts with utmost respect. If they should not return your call immediately, give them the space to have a day off the phone, or simply the space to want and be ready to communicate with you. Look at this experiment as strengthening your not taking anything personally.

10. Join spiritual listening to the practical And make sure your system is operational: nothing worse than statics or poor reception when you are intending to connect to someone. ON the same line (pun intended!) if you are using fax machines, or voice mails, make certain all are properly connected.

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.Mahalene is an Inspiration Anchor, an Artist, an Author and the President of Soulvision Axis, Inc., a company assisting visionaries to unleash their creativity and awaken their spirit.

She authored the Ten Techniques for heARTful living, as a result of 22 years of study and experience in creativity, communication and human development.Beyond several local publications and national e-publications to which she is a regular contributor, she currently writes a blog ( and publishes a monthly e-zine, Stop Trying, Start Trusting Mahazine, addressed to visionaries, holistic coaches, and consultants on the way to birth their personal and professional leadership.

She also offers a Seven Weeks Mini-course, mad from the heART, and mini inspiring movies. Please do feel free to check out her work;

By: Mahalene Louis

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