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Too Many Soldiers Have Died in Iraq

Many say that too many soldiers have died in Iraq and no one of course wants to see US Troops die. But what some people are not realizing is that many soldiers have died due to Iranian insurgents. Yet these same folks who say that too many soldiers have died in Iraq do not want the US to stop Iran from doing this. They do not want another war.

Indeed. No one likes war, but if we are only worried about the number of deaths of US Troops why is no one saying anything about all the other unfortunate deaths?.What about the 42,000 deaths per year in automobiles and the Autoworker union lobbies? What about the 200,000 per year hospital infection deaths and the HMO lobby? What about all the Kurds who Saddam killed? What about the families of 911? What about the promise to blow Israel off the map kill every man, woman and child with nuclear weapons from Iran? Hmm?.Many blame Donald Rumsfeld for all the deaths, but in reply to this I say; Yah who needs a Secretary of Defense, let's just put a pansy ass liberal in there or a homosexual lawyer? To kiss the asses of our enemies who hate us and wish to kill us. Instead lets get rid of Rumsy and let America bend over and take another 911 up the arse? Sure good plan; Hell we should hire you instead? Consider this in 2006.

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By: Lance Winslow

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