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Wealth Consciousness

Our ability to attract wealth is proportional to the magnitude of our wealth consciousness. Before we can become wealthy we must let go of any pre-conceived ideas we have about money that inhibit our growth in this direction. Three important concepts we must grasp relate to effort, time and attitude.We must lose the idea that we must struggle and work hard before we can become wealthy. We must also understand that wealth like anything else is not dependent on time.

Years ago it may have taken many years for an individual to become wealthy but today the same amount of effort can bring many more times the wealth in far less time. The reason? Today there is a greater wealth consciousness pervading society. When we understand time we will see that it is an illusion determined by our level of consciousness. Of course, it is very real to us in our physical domain but none the less it is an illusion.

Our sensory input can only be evaluated as a sequence of events when in actual fact all events happen simultaneously. With an expanded wealth consciousness you move through events faster. Just imagine the possibilities of more events passing in less time. You are able to achieve a lot more in a much shorter time.

One of the secrets of living in the moment is that you don't experience psychological time in either anticipation of the future or memory of the past. In fact, it is our motion through events that gives us the experience that time is passing. Indeed, it has been proved in many scientific experiments that time is relative to the observer.The great master Jesus said, "Even before you ask it has been given to you".

What do you suppose is meant by this statement? Well, in this single statement Jesus is saying we already have all that we desire and that time is not an obstacle to its acquisition. Just because we haven't experienced something in the physical world does not mean to say that it isn't already there. All physical objects are energy configurations that are the product of thought.

The illusion of time gives us the impression that something we desire does not yet exist. In actual fact it does exist but we have to pass through events to experience it. Our level of consciousness determines the speed of those events and therefore how quickly we think we experience the thing we desire!.

Our attitude towards money is also very important. If we think money is basically evil then it will avoid us accordingly. If we hoard money then we will surely lose it.

It seems that we are in a no win situation until we realise that money is a dynamic force working its magic to fulfill our destiny. Money is to be invested for growth, it is to be given without expectation and received with gratitude. It should be spent on those things we truly desire bringing about a completion of our original thought.

If you find yourself forever complaining about lack of money then you need to put a stop to it because as sure as night follows day you will always lack it. When we make statements like "I never have any money" it is a clear message to the Universal Mind to keep this experience alive.When we give we become open to receive.

The ability to let go of anything whether it be money or anything else makes way for new things in our lives. If we hoard we become insulated and possessive. We never grow and therefore never achieve our desires. We must give, invest and spend with joy. Anything we receive we should do so with gratitude.

Appreciation for what we receive is a clear message to the Universal Mind that you are worthy of it and therefore open to more of the same.When you receive bills then happily pay them promptly. Be thankful for the service that has been provided. If a friend asks you for a loan and you are perfectly able then don't loan the money but give it to them. If you have spare money then either invest it, spend it or give it away to some worthy benefactor.

Never give and expect something back directly back from the source. The laws of attraction do not work in that way. It is this type of expectation that causes many problems in our lives.

Simply put, we can't second guess the Universal Mind. To do so is just another facet of our ego's desire to control.Have reasons why you should be wealthy. When you desire things like a new house, car, boat etc let the motivations behind them be for the greater concepts of love, beauty and magnanimity.

The Universal Mind favours altruism purely in the sense you are accepting your oneness with all there is and will readily conspire to bring you the things you desire.Please visit.

.Stuart is the author of Blog http://flamelssecret.blogspot.

com and is a long term student of practical philosophy.

By: Stuart Gardiner

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