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What the Hell is a BuddhaChrist

The source intelligence is the intelligence that powers all species and individual intelligence!.A Buddha-Christ is a personification of the source intelligence: an original, novel, spiritual-religious phenomenon that embraces all spiritual dimensions with a Buddha-Christ perspective on them all!.an inspiration I received as I experienced deeply, journeyed deeply and thought deeply about the deeper realities of life; but first a definition of Buddha and Christ!.*Buddha is from Sanskrit, meaning awakened; akin to Sanskrit bodhi enlightenment Date: 1681.

1: a person who has attained Buddhahood.2: a representation of Gautama Buddha.*Christ: From Middle English Crist, from Old English, from Latin Christus, from Greek Christos, literally, anointed. Date: before 12th century.1: MESSIAH.

2: JESUS.3: an ideal type of humanity (*Webster's Ninth New Collegiate Dictionary, Merriam-Webster INC., Publishers, Springfield, Mass, 1986.).Buddha means Awakened or enlightened, one who has awakened from the sleep of spiritual ignorance as in the case of the historical Buddha (Siddartha Gautama) the awakened one. Christ means anointed, one who is anointed with the love or grace of God or in the case of the historical Christ (Jesus The Nazarene) the anointed one.

Buddha and Christ are names for states of mind or being not just the names of particular historical persons. Spiritually, Buddha stands for wisdom and Christ for love.What I'm about to say about a Buddha-Christ only applies to someone who is a 100% Buddha-Christ and would vary according to the level and degree of Buddha-Christness attained by the person experiencing it. A 100% Buddha-Christ would be completely awakened (wise) and completely anointed (loving).If I'm an aspiring Buddha-Christ that means that I'm in the process of becoming fully awakened and fully anointed but not fully there yet! But awaken to what and anointed with what?.

Anointed in the Judeo-Christian tradition means to anoint with the love and approval of God. Awakened in the eastern tradition means awakening to supreme transcendent wisdom and being. The spiritual meaning is receiving and experiencing total transcendent wisdom and love by awakening to them!.A Buddha-Christ has integrated within him or herself all of the qualities of Buddha and Christ but, is not Buddha or Christ but something more, something unique, something novel! (As when a mother and father produces a child who inherits the qualities of both parents, is similar to them, but also different from them!) A Buddha-Christ is a new thing, a 21st century thing!.Buddha and Jesus were personifications and actualizations of the source intelligence responding to needs of their times! But it's a brand new day! A brand new time! For a brand new way and a brand new mind!.The particularities of today's spiritual environment calls for a new actualization and personification of these spiritual forces rolled into one all inclusive spiritual force fit for the spiritual needs of people today!.

What's the character of a Buddha-Christ and how does a Buddha-Christ act in the real world?.The character of a Buddha-Christ is to be loving, kind, wise and psychologically independent in relation to others.The character of a Buddha-Christ doesn't change in response to positive or negative feedback from those around him or her! A Buddha-Christ is a Buddha-Christ at all times under all circumstances no matter what the behavior of others he or she encounters in various situations of daily life!.How does a Buddha-Christ respond to the violent actions of others directed at him or her?.

A Buddha-Christ never initiates violence in his mind or behavior in any way! He may chose to defend himself from the attacks of an aggressor, but never with malice of forethought, hatred or anger and then only with the intention of disabling the attacker and awakening him to the inappropriateness of his behavior.A Buddha-Christ would much rather resolve a problem with an unawakened attacker through conversation or by telepathically communicating with the attacker's source self in an attempt to alter his ego-state for the better.But if the attacker is non-receptive to the wisdom of his message, a Buddha-Christ may bring an attacker under control by whatever means necessary in an attempt to awaken him to the inappropriateness of his actions.(The same as in yoga the goal is to bring all ego thoughts, emotions and desires under the control of the source self, which as a result of their containment, allows supreme Enlightenment or Awakening to dawn in ego-consciousness in everyday life.

).What's a Buddha-Christ's attitude toward sex?.A Buddha-Christ is not obsessed with sex or totally against sex! If He decided to engage in sex it would be done as a temporary act, having only temporary value with no attachment to the act or the results of the act. It would be done in a healthy, mutually beneficial way with a spiritually awakened partner of the opposite sex.Since everything in this sensory world is illusory or temporary (impermanent) thing ultimately have no absolutely positive or negative value of their own! They only have the value that we've been taught rightly or wrongly to attribute to them!.

Aspiring Buddha-Christs train themselves not to become fixated, obsessed or hypnotized by their desire for sex! They recognized that the desire is in them not in the object of attraction! They don't repress sexual desire; they recognize and respect it for what it is but train themselves not to be controlled by it!.This may be harder for adolescents, young adults who sexual hormones are raging and are naturally fascinated by sex because, generally speaking, they aren't use to engaging in it!.To recognize sex for what it is requires that they psychologically examine whether their sexual desires are developmentally appropriate or whether other unfulfilled desires may be underlying and expressing themselves through their desire for sex.What's a Buddha-Christ's attitude towards war?.

It's one that deplores war or aggressive behavior of any kind, but realizing that he lives in this temporarily, real world with temporarily real beings who may want to harm him with their temporarily real aggressive emotions.A Buddha-Christ may sanction the use of methods of self-defense, to allow as many beings as possible, living in this temporarily real existence to have their chance at attaining supreme awakening in this life by appropriately defending themselves from the abuse of others!.All the while their defending themselves he would encourage them to be telepathically communicating thoughts and feelings to the aggressor's source self, designed to awaken the aggressor's ego-self to the inappropriateness of his or her behavior, so he or she will have their chance at attaining the supreme awakening while in this life as well!.

A Buddha-Christ deals with all thoughts, emotions and the behavior of others as temporarily real realities. He treats temporarily real values as temporarily real values, to be used in this temporarily real world in a temporarily real way without fixation or attachment, for although The Buddha taught that everything in this world is illusory, conditioned and impermanent. He went out daily to beg for the temporarily real value called food!."Thus have I heard: The Buddha once dwelt in Anathapindika's Park, in the Jeta Grove at Sravasti, with 1250 monks and many Bodhisattvas. Near dawn, the Lord clothed himself, took up his bowl and entered the great city of Sravasti to collect food offered as alms. Having returned and eaten, the lord put away his bowl and cloak, bathed his feet, and sat with legs crossed and body upon the seat arranged for him, mindfully fixing attention in front of himself".

("The Diamond Sutra", "Vajrachchedika", Raghavan Iyer, General Editor).A Buddha-Christ uses all illusory, temporarily real values for what they are, in the context of what they are, without being mentally or emotionally attached to them.While some teach that this world has no real value because it's illusory or impermanently real, a Buddha-Christ's attitude is different. He appreciates the value of the impermanently real world and attributes to it the value it deserves and that's appropriate to it.The Essence of a Buddha-Christ:.A Buddha-Christ is a personalized actualization of the transcendent Source Intelligence! Called Brahman, Amun, the creator, the one, Ein Sof, and various other names by various cultures, etc.

, etc. The source intelligence is formless, bodiless and transcends sensory perception.But in order to act in this temporary world it uses the mind/body complex as a vehicle of self-expression and a way of gaining an experience of individuality!.Originally being the only thing in existence there were no other individuals to make the experience of individuality possible.There has to be something appearing as other than one's self before the possibility for self-knowledge and self-awareness can arise! So when the desire for self-knowledge reared its head, the source intelligence projected an individualized image of its self into existence as an attempt at gaining knowledge of its self.With this "division" of something originally undivided, into a division of something appearing to be other than its self, time, matter and the temporarily real world began!.

And thus all creation stories begin with the division of something that was originally undivided and into separate individual parts.Life forms still come into existence this way, by the division of single cells into more and more complex cells of intelligent life!.Even the big bang theory is based on this premise. In genesis Elohim, separated the light from the darkness, day from night, the upper waters from the lower waters.

In Persian creation the God (Mithra) slew the cosmic bull and divided its body into all pieces that make up the universe!.The multitude of life forms resulting from this quest for self-knowledge of source intelligence, I attribute to the fact that the source intelligence is originally formless and imageless and is therefore endlessly engaged in creating various life forms in an effort to get a reflection of its own imageless image!.A process that's doom to failure, since there appears to be no way to get a reflection of something that's originally imageless and formless unless it's done symbolically or metaphorically!.The original quest of religion was to return these originally undivided parts back to their original state of undividedness! To do this was to dismantle the ego-self and blend it back into the originally undivided state losing all sense of individuality!.

But a Buddha-Christ's quest is to return to this undivided state while maintaining consciousness of his individuality; adding a new dimension of self-reflection to the source intelligence's databank of self-knowledge and individuality.At least that's an aspiring Buddha-Christ's perspective!.May the Light in your Minds never cease to Shine!.Copyright 2006 El-Veasey Publishing Inc.


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By: Vc Veasey

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