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White Sun Happiness

People living in this human world have to worry about money. When they have no property, wealth or sufficient money for food, clothing and shelter for the present, they become unhappy and also worry for the future. When wealth is acquired unlawfully, they also worry because of the fear of punishment if caught.

Those who acquire wealth by lawful means are happy themselves and also make their parents, children, workers and friends staying together happily. The four types of happiness are: 1] happiness of having wealth, 2] happiness of using the wealth, 3] happiness due to being free from debts and 4] to be free from faults.To be able to donate things are causes of happiness. With wealth and a heart of gold, happiness comes from giving away food, clothing, money or any contributions to the needy. Happiness also comes naturally when one is free from debt, from having to promise to repay, from being asked to repay, from being chased by money lenders or creditors, from being imprisoned for not being able to pay back the money.

To be free from debt is a kind of happiness most people would like to have.Those who do not acquire wealth lawfully or who are poor throughout their lives will have to worry and suffer many kinds of misery. To be poor as to take loan and to be in debt is the cause of unhappiness. To have to borrow is unhappiness, to have to promise that one will repay the debt is unhappiness, to be asked by lenders or creditors is unhappiness, to be chased by money-lenders is unhappiness and to be imprisoned for not being able to pay back is suffering.

There is also happiness due to faultlessness. To be free from fault physically, to be free from fault verbally and to be free from fault mentally are all happiness. The reverse is also true for unhappiness when one is in fault physically, verbally and mentally.

Physical faults are killing of other living beings, stealing and sexual misconduct. Killing shortens life, abstaining prolongs life. Stealing makes scarcity of things, abstaining makes things in abundance. Sexual misconduct causes hatred, abstaining makes one loved.

In the present life, being free from diseases, being wealthy, being loved and respected by others are benefits which make one happy.Verbal faults are telling lies, slander so as to cause disharmony, using abusive and harsh words, careless and frivolous talk. It is more difficult to be free from verbal fault than physical fault because people have to talk according to circumstances. Sometimes circumstances lead us to slander. Sometimes circumstances lead us to use harsh words intentionally. Sometimes circumstances lead us to frivolous and careless talk.

These usually happen to those always together such as families, teachers and pupils, employers and employees or relatives and friends.Mental faults are unhealthy thoughts such as planning to get other people's property by unfair means, planning for other people to deteriorate and die and all wrongful thoughts or desires.When one is not at fault physically, verbally and mentally, he will find happiness in life. To be faultless mentally is the most difficult among the three.

The mind that has been unruly for many lives is difficult to defeat and tame. It changes very rapidly and tends to dwell on bad sense object rather than good sense. If it is purified and becomes faultless, one will be at par with Heavenly being. It is therefore very important to purify the mind and be faultless. Great happiness will come if one is faultless.

In the teaching of Tao of Heaven, my Heavenly Master JiGong said:."All things in the world are essentially in motion. All is one and one is all. The Mind is the key to stableness of the mind and is the ladder of becoming an enlightened being or Buddha. When the mind has elevated to a certain point, then one has reached a certain point in Heaven.

The Mind, Buddha and Numerous Beings are without essential difference. Tao cultivators need to repair and need to correct the mind in order to restore the original purity of the Inner Being. In the course of repairing and correcting, there cannot be a slightest degree of pollution otherwise the Mind will not be bright. What various Buddhas must safeguard is exactly this piece of unpolluted heart. This heart, looking from the front is the Mind, and looking from its back is Buddha.".

Author: T.A Chew.

.T.A Chew, a cultivator of Tao under Heavenly Master JiGong since 1995, has found happiness through the cultivation of Tao. To walk up the stairways to Heaven is difficult, tiring and full of obstacles and tests but to come down and fall is very easy.

The thought of returning Home itself gives great happiness despites all the troubles. Website: http://www.white-sun.

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By: Teow Aun Chew

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