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Practical Sex Solutions a reallife Better Sex memo - Have you ever thought to yourself, "My sex life would be so much better if my partner was a just little more/less _________"? Yes, you have.

Too Many Soldiers Have Died in Iraq - Many say that too many soldiers have died in Iraq and no one of course wants to see US Troops die.

Need Something To Do Serve - Are your days dragging on? Are you looking for a way to contribute to your local community? Do you want to get involved in a project bigger than yourself? Do you need some hours to fulfill a community service requirement? If so, I have got the thing.

Does it Matter that Shes Years Older - When it comes to dating and love, the only real thing that matters is how your partner makes you feel.

Types of Lasers for Hair Removal Choosing the Right One - There are many different types of lasers used in laser hair removal.

Spring Cleaning Your Relationship Closet - Spring is here and as we prepare to do our annual spring-cleaning of our house, we should be sure and clean out our relationship closet as well.

Tips For Using Telephones Rather Than Being Used By Them - Much writing is done on how to handle e-mails efficiently, and very little on how to handle phone communications effectively.

Excuse Me Your Life Is STILL Waiting - Six years ago someone tapped us on the shoulder and said.

Wealth Consciousness - Our ability to attract wealth is proportional to the magnitude of our wealth consciousness.

The Reluctant Fisherman - Last Friday, my husband and I took our two children fishing at the local trout farm.

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