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Great Inexpensive Dates - What's the cost of a great date? A total date package including expensive wine, elegant restaurant meal, and a newly released movie can cost a hundred dollars or more.

Oil Barrel Prices Diesel Fuel and Trucking Industry Consolidation - One thing recent history shows us in our economy is that when costs rise in any industry, it spurs on consolidation to seek economies of scale.

Did Russia Give Secret Battle Plans to Saddam Before the Iraq War - Now the United States has learned that Russia may have given out secret US war plans to Saddam prior to our attack? Of course Russia vehemently denies it.

Interview with Djelloul Marbrook author of Saraceno - Reader Views would like to welcome Djelloul Marbrook, author of "Saraceno", a new and unique mafia novel.

The USA is A Number One - The United States is the greatest civilization ever created in the history of mankind.

The Seductive Power of Mans Flirting Tools What are They Dating Advice for Men - Presuming you have an opportunity to flirt.

The Cranelegs Five Second One Year Plan to Lasting Relationships - Who needs loud mouth Dr.

Think Better Live Longer - The headline almost jumped off my screen?.

Are Your Boundaries Hiding Your Light - Are your boundaries protecting you or suffocating you? Boundaries indicate where our no-go zones are: they are intended to define and protect that which is valuable to us.

Relationship Renewal Part Amazing Training - You can have relationship renewal through using Amazing Training to make sure you're always seen as the ideal partner.

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